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Founded in 2001, Artech workshop initially made custom furniture for high end customers.Artech main business involved in villa furniture and custom furniture for sample apartment room of real estate companies.At that time, China  economy is booming very quickly and so many house buildings were built at that time.China furniture industry was in its best time.Any furniture manufacturers which can make something that looks like furniture can earn  a lot of  money.Artech also benefti from that period.In 2005,our factory Shangjie Furniture manufacture factory was set up,which mainly produce furniture for sample house,villa and club.

At that time,of course, Artech can earn money but since its small quantity for custom residential furniture,Artech can not get as much profit as other home furniture makers or hotel furniture manufacturers.At that time,Artech had a lot of customers which are hotel furniture manufacturers.If they got one five star hotel project,they produced the hotel bedroom furniture by themselves but for the hotel public area furniture (lobby furniture,corridor furniture,etc),they placed order to Artech,which produced the furniture for them.Since the good quality and accurate delivery time,gradually some hotel owners and hotel design company began to place order directly to Shangjie Factory,which began to produce hotel bedroom furniture.Because of the huge quantity of hotel bedroom furniture, Shangjie factory production ability can not satisfy customers' requirements.So in 2007,new facotry Shangdian Furniture manufacture factory was set up mainly producing high ends hotel furniture. Also since 2008, we started our activities outside of China.This year Korea office was opened  in Korea. In 2010, Artech Furniture Group Co.,Ltd was set up.Shangdian factory and Shangjie factory became subsidiary factory of Artech Furniture Group Co.,Ltd.At same time, to form our own brand, we register ARTECH as our own brand.










   Artech, combination of Art and Tech.Art means,products should bear beauty inside.It should bring aesthetic experience to customer besides good quality. Tech means products will be made with high technology by good master with good technique.Art unites Tech, that is Artech.Artech focus on the combination of Tech and  Art,produce high end hotel furniture,custom home furniture and other commercial furniture

    Artech now is one factory specializing in designing ,developing ,and production of all kinds of custom hotel furniture, custom residential furniture  and other custom commercial furniture comprised of  hotel guestroom furniture, hotel restaurant tables and chairs, hotel guestroom chairs, hotel lobby furniture, hotel public area furniture, KTV Furniture, Sauna Furniture, Apartment and Villa Furniture, etc.Now factory area is around 15000 square meter with  around 150 workers.


     One must first sharpen one’s tools before doing good job.We introduce good machine from Italy and Germany .These machine helps a lot in producing excellent quality products.Another reason that we must buy a lot of machines is that in recenty years, China labor cost is higher and higher. If we rely on human lobor too much, it will have some negative influence on our production.Sometimes, it is not so easy to employ good workers since a lot of workers prefer working in their hometown where a lot of furniture factories also open.Especially during the time before Spring festival or after Spring festival,workers are not stable,which brings so much uncertainty to our production.Sometimes,we can not delivery products on time because workers have not come back or leaves factory earlier than our schedule.That more machines are applied to production department, on one hand ,we have stable production capacity on the other hand, we quality is much stable than before.


Good management is the survival base.We set up sound strict quality controlling system including purchasing ,production procedure,product packing and so on.We can prevent problems in advance before making mistake.In addition, we have good after service system ,which can help our customers to solve the problems after using for some time.    Human resources is the first productivity.To high skilled workers, we furnish better well-being than average.To make full use of the human resource, we do pre-job training strictly.We build one good platform for communication among workers.Workers benefits a lot from this.   



Over the years, Arech have developed successful working relationships with purchasing companies, design firms, and hotel companies. Our clients includes famous hotel brands such as Marriott Hotel,Four Season Hotel,HIlton Hotels,Holiday In,Hyatt Hotels,Sheraton Hotels,Sofitel Hotels,Ramada Hotels and so on. Our hotel furniture,custom residential furniture and other commercial furniture projects have seen us reach destinations as far away as Holland, France, Greece, Ukraine, Cyprus, Israel, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, Thailand, China and etc., letting people of different countries enjoy the fruit of ARTECH spirit.



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Here we publish updated world wide furniture news ,especiall news about China hotel furniture factory and China custom made furniture maker

November 08,2017

Artech Join the Introduction Meeting of the pinnacle awards Asia Pacific

As a representive from China hotel furniture factories,Artech furniture factory attended this confeference held in Longjiang town, Shunde District,Foshan city,Guangdong province,China.
November 08,2017

The Ritz-Carlton will lanch 46 new hotel projects worldwide

Artech is a China hotel furniture factories mainly producing hotel lobby furniture, bedroom furniture and restaurant furniture.
November 08,2017

What is the difference beween CIFF and CIEF?

Artech is a professional tailor made furniture factory&supplier in China producing hotel furniture for five star hotel and custom home furniture for villa and sample house.
November 08,2017

The 41th China International Furniture Fair(Guangzhou)

As a custom furniture manufacturer,Artech Furniture doesn't join the fair every year.Instead,Artech chooses the right time to join this fair.At that time, Artech will dispay its good image and new project furniture for hotel guest room furniture,Livi
November 08,2017

Furniture Industry Transformation from Oil to Water

As a custom furniture factory, Artech also face the situation of 'oil to water',Artech will try to use water paint if customers accept it.
November 08,2017

Custom Furniture Factories is Experiencding Transformation

Artech is a high end customized furniture factory in China mainly producing hotel furniture for 5 star hotel and home furniture for villa and sample house.
November 08,2017

The trend of Future Furniture

Artech is high end tailored furniture factory&supplier mainly producing home furniture for villa,sample house and hotel furniture for five star hotels
November 08,2017

New Retail Brings New Opportunity To Custom Furniture Factory 

Artech is a professional custom furniture factory producing living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen room furniture and bathroom furniture
November 08,2017

First China(Dongguan) International Home Furnishing Exhibition

Artech is a China professional customized furniture factory&supplier providing hotel furniture for 5 star hotel and home furniture for villa and sample house.
November 08,2017

Seven Trends in Furniture Circle

Trend ,has been the object that been pursued by all walks of life.Because in many cases,following the right trend means right direction,thus,not far away from the golden destination.It is very important for China furniture factories grasp the trend f
November 09,2017

How far ‘Two Fairs,One City’ Can Go

Artech is one of the best custom made furniture manufacturers&suppliers in China mainly produce high end hotel furniture for five star hotel and home furniture for villa and sample house.
November 10,2017

The 40th China(Shanghai) Furniture Fair Has Perfectly Ended

China Furniture Fair ended successfully on Sep.14 and many exhibitors including custon home furniture manufactures were happy that they got good reaction from visitors at home and abroad
November 10,2017

Double Furniture Exhibitions Ended Perfectly In Pudong,Shanghai

2007 Shanghai Fair has a extraordinary significance in Furniture fair history,which will benefit all parties involved including furniture design companies,China home furniture manufactures,China hotel furniture manufactures and interior design compan
November 10,2017

The Design Principle For Hotel furniture and Restaurant Furniture

Hotel furniture design is very important for China hotel furniture liquidators and China hotel furniture manufactures*suppliers.Good design of hotel furniture should match with the interior design style and add brilliance to the splendor.
November 10,2017

New Chinese Style Furniture developed by Artech Win Awards In Shanghai Fair.

The new Chinese style furniture developed by Artech won excellence award in Shanghai Furniture Fair.This set of oriental furniture was co-designed by Artech and designer from home furniture factory and produced by Artech Factory
November 10,2017

Amazon is entering into Home Furniture Market

Artech is a professional custom made furniture manufacture&supplier in China.With the trend of E commerce,Artech Furniture is also adapting to this new trend by showing more products and company images to our website www.chinahotelfurniturefactory.c
November 10,2017

Tea room Furniture is entitled with Zen Culture

As a professional custom home furniture manufacturer&supplier, Artech has rich experience in making tea room furniture including tea table and tea seatings after carefully study the Zen culture and tea culture.
November 10,2017

New Challenge To China Furniture Manufactures:EU Published New Standard For Green Furniture Purchase

The purblishment of Green Furniture procurement is a challenge and also an opportunity for Chinese contract furniture manufactures&suppliers,which should increase the quality standard and provide better service.
November 10,2017

Hotel Furniture Means Hotel Plus Furniture

Finn Juhl hotel features in displaying all furniture designed by Finn Juhl.Even for the hotel bedroom furniture and lobby furniture, they adopt the Scandinavia furniture style to match with the Finn Juhl furn.
November 10,2017

Overseas Luxury Furniture Challenges China Home Furniture Manufactures

Italy luxury furniture brands and Ikea are invading China funrture market,wihch brings great challenge to China home furniture factories&suppliers and commercial furniture manufacturers.
November 10,2017

Home Furniture Manufactures With Unique Characters Can Survive In China

Big changes are happening in China home furniture industry,only unique home furniture manufacturers&suppliers with its characteristics can surive.
November 10,2017

Italy Luxury home Furniture Bottega Veneta entry into Tiamantti Collection

With more and more Italy luxury furniture brands such as Bottega Veneta entry into China high end furniture market,China high end home furniture manufacturers are facing serious challenges.
November 10,2017

Custom Furniture Manufacturers Befenit From The Outbreak Of The First Year

Customized home furniture manufacturers&factories are growing rapidly in China because it caters the young generation's pursuit for individuation and fashion.
November 10,2017

Hilton Hotel Will Close- Reshuffle of Hotel Industry Influences Hospitality Furniture Manufacturers

The reshuffle of high end hotel industry also will have direct influence on high end hospitality hotel furniture industry.High end hotel furniture manufacturers should grasp opportunties to find new partners.
November 10,2017

Design Concept For Beijing Hotel Building and Hotel Furniture In Belarus

Artech furniture is a custom hotel furniture manufacturer and suppliers providing 5 star luxury hospitalty furniture
November 10,2017

Three Forces Drive The Industry Of Hotel Furniture And Home Furniture

Artech is a custom furniture manufacturer&supplier mainly producing custom home furniture and hotel furniture including reproduction furniture from Italy brands.
January 19,2018

Natuzzi launches products in John Lewis

Nutuzzi cooperated with John Lewis,which shows that furniture reshuffle is spreading worldwide.
April 06,2018

Artech Developes Italy Style Home Furniture With Dubai Design Company

As a custom made residential furniture factory,Artech began to cooperate with design company to develop a series of normal home furniture to build Artech brand in China home furniture market.
June 28,2018

Top Twnenty Luxury Furniture Brand Worldwide

These top twenty furniure brands have long history and have been always famous in luxury furniture circle.They lead the fashion and guide the furniture trend worldwide.
February 21,2022

Why Furniture Dealer Give Up Big Brand?

With the rapid development of the furniture industry and the increasing competition between famous furniture brands, the business pressure of the majority of dealers is even greater, especially the dealers of first-line furniture brands! The selling

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High End Hotel Furniture Maker

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High End Hotel Furniture Maker

Country Garden Sample House Furniture in Jiangxi Province

Country Garden Sample House Furniture in Jiangxi Province

Artech is a professional custom made furniture factory&supplier producing all kinds of sample house furniture including living room furniture,bedroom furniture, dining room furniture and bathroom furniture.

Evergrand Communnity Sample House in Shenzhen

Artech is a professional custom made furniture maker producing living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furnitue and kitchen room furniture.
Evergrand Communnity Sample House in Shenzhen

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High End Hotel Furniture Maker

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