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What is the difference beween CIFF and CIEF?

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Difference Between CIFF and CIEF

Many people are confused about CIFF and CIEF.Now let\'s figure out what is the difference between them.
CIFF\'s full name is China International Furniture Fair(Guangzhou).From 2015,it have been held in Guangzhou in March every year and held in Shanghai Hongqiao in Sep.each year.CIFF is a exhibition fair with the theme of furniture,enjoying good reputation in furniture circle such as \'First Brand Camp\',\'Asia Home Furnishing Exchange Center\',Barometer ofChina Furniture Industry\'.It has insurmountable influence and appeal globally and has been alwasy committed to built most valuable exchange platform for furniture and furnishing.Also that will provide most widely space for cooperation and trading.It has provided large quantity of opportunities for tailor made furniture factory and China home furniture factory.

 cief and ciff

CIEF\'s full name is The China Import and Export Fair,Canton Fair for short.It was created in spring time of 1957 and is held in spring autumn in Guangzhou city.Now with a history 60 years,it is a best comprehensive international trading event, which bears a record of longesthistory,highest level,biggest scale,most types of commodities,most visitors,best deall result. Since 101st Canton Fair in April of 2007,the name of Canton Fair was changed into The China Import and Export Fair,evolving into a double way exchange platform fromsingle way exporting.
The Canton Fair is a comprehensive scheme fair and only organiztion can access it.Individual visitors are forbidden.



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