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How far ‘Two Fairs,One City’ Can Go

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Recently,China furniture industry has been attracted by two fairs held in Shanghai at the same time:from Sep.11 to Sep.14,China(Shanghai)International Furniture Fair,held in National Exhibition Center in Hongqiao,from Sep.12 to Sep.15,the 23rd China International Furniture Fair held in the Pudong New International Expo Center and Expo Museum.Two international large-scale furniture fairs confronted each other in Shanghai ,which attracted a lot of attention from the furniture circle.


It was heard that the scale of two furniture fairs was bigger than previous year with total 750,000 square meters.Therein,the square meter of Shanghai Furniture Fair increased 10 percent than last year.The total exhibition area including Modern Shanghai Fashion Homing was 350,000 square meters while the square meter of China Furniture Fair ran up to 400,000 square meters.Although the scale grows further bigger,but many furniture enterprises operates in bad condition.Such situation ‘Two Fairs in One City’ can sustain for long time?


Two Exhibitions Both Expanded

In China furniture industry,Dongguan,Guangzhou and Shanghai have formed a situation of tripartite confrontation,which are the first choice for furniture exhibitors.It is introduced that China Furniture Fair,which was named Guangzhou Furniture Fair( Autumn), is hosted by China Foreign Trade Center and other parties,organized by China National Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation.Shanghai Furniture Fair is hosted by China Furniture Association and so on,organized by Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co.,Ltd.,which has lasted 20 years as the old exhibition brand in Shanghai.

It is indicated from the data published by both parties that the scale of two fairs is enlarged.Therein,there are 2000 global furniture exhibitors and 91,623 professional visitors with commercial value from close to 200 countries and regions,increasing 8.18% compared with last year while the area of Shanghai Furniture Fair ran up to 350,000 square meters,therein net square meter is close to 200,000 square meter,more than last year.There were 225 overseas enterprises.


As for the pavilion,China Furniture Fair Chose the National Exhibition Center(Shanghai),which has 400,000 square meter of indoor showroom and 100,000 square meter of outdoor exhibition area with better exhibition facilities while the Shanghai Furniture Fair’s main pavilion is Shanghai New International Exhibition Center,with indoor area 100,000 square meter.Due to the insufficient area,Shanghai Furniture Fair also chose Shanghai Expo Museum to expand the square meters.

Hard Decision For Exhibitors To Make

‘ Two Fairs in One City’ means crowd diversion.Qingdao Puluosi Furniture Co.,ltd ,who produces wooden furniture and metal dining table and dining chair ever attended Shanghai Furniture Fair many times.The general manage of this company told journalist they still attended the Shanghai Furniture Fair.Last year, the response was good,this year, we also get some orders.As for China Furniture Fair, he indicated that he had not considered it.Another exhibitor from Foshan city mainly producing hotel lounge chair,hotel bedroom furniture said they attended the China Furniture Fair this time and the response was better than last year.


Some exhibitors said they need to pay too much cost and energy if they attended the two fairs at the same time.Li Zengqiang,general manager of one furniture factory named Mingsi Furniture,a custom home furniture manufacture in China said under the recommendation of his friend, they attended Shanghai Furniture Fair with a trial attitude.He admitted that he also knew China Furniture Fair in Hongqiao.Although he got two invitations from the organizers ,but finally he can choose only one.’We spent a lot of money to attend fair in Shanghai and have a huge pressure’,he said.

It was also been heard that besides the cost consideration, some exhibitors had no clear awareness about the two fairs.Until this year, two fairs have been held at the same time in Shanghai three times.If the situation can sustain has once again caused the industry to think again.Although Shanghai Furniture Fair focuses on export-oriented and high end domestic sales,but owe to serious market competiion, it is difficult to really complement each other with differentiation.From the layout of this year, both fairs involve the domestic and international factors.

Experts in furniture industry said both parties would inevitably compete each other on the price for exhibitors,which will impact the benefits.In addition,loss of exhibitors is not good for exhibition industry.Wang Baoshan ,economics professor in Bohai University said it was worth to discuss about ‘Two fairs in One City’ because it would lead to the waste of resource and the relevant parties should plan it well in advance.


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