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Custom Furniture Factories is Experiencding Transformation

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Custom Furniture Factories is Experiencding Transformation

Like a galloping wild horse, the past ten years is the "golden age" of the barbaric growth of China custom furniture factory. It takes just a dozen years for custom furniture to become a standard configuration for a new generation of consumers who prefer fashionable life .Custom furniture industries has developed so quickly that the tradtional furniture maker can not follow. However,good time has passed, the current custom furniture market is no longer the blue ocean, behind a series of "beautiful" digital number, "net profit" data is too low so dazzling.


With the giant capital into large customized furniture factrories, customizing furniture under intelligent manufacturing system makes the threshold more and more higher, the development of the industry showed polarization, the strong one becomes stronger, the weak becomes weaker .The enterprises which is lack of capital and technology will be very difficult to enter this segment market.

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Data show that although the rapid development of customized furniture, but its total sales in China\'s furniture market is still only 15%-20%. However, with the release of two child policy, and the demand for small size room , second renovation and other needs, customized furniture market still has a lot of room to rise, which is the opportunity to tailor furniture.

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It is the time for custom furniture business transform from speed oriented to profit oriented.Future competition is up to level of keeping sustainable profit.

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