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China Elizabeth Chair replica factory by IB KOFOD-LARSEN
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China Elizabeth Chair repli...

Lounge chair|Easychair|modern lounge chair

  • Size:

    W800 D770 H720 SH380
  • Frame:

    Solid Walnut
  • Upholstery:

    Ply wood+mould sponge
  • Product description:

    This easychair was made and released by CHRISTENSEN & LARSEN A/S.It is also called “El...

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  • Details

    This easychair was made and released by CHRISTENSEN & LARSEN A/S in 1956, and since it was purchased by Queen Elizabeth 2 years after that, it is also called “Elizabeth Chair”. This is one of his highest-quality modern lounge chair, with attractive delicate details seen in the lines from the front legs to the rear legs.It can be made of genuine leahter chair also artificial PU chair.The production collaborates with the good China lounge chair manufacturer ARTECH Furniture. Frames are made with carving machine to shape the detail  without compromising , but also not to give up the basics of strength. The design of the backrest made into a bucket type that firmly receives the body is also creative. Like the frame, the piping line of the cushion which challenged the limit of thinness and cushioning property is connected with the delicate line of the frame without any discomfort, enhancing the overall presence.It can act as one accent chair inside the living room or one hotel lobby.For project Ananti Club Project, we use this chair.You can refer to this project detail. 

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