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 Full House Customization Is the Trend of Furniture Industry

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In 2017,the full house customization was very hot and the potential energy was fully released in the furniture exhibitions of Guangdong in March of 2018.Why is the whole house customization so popular?This is the deep question that the finished furniture factories much understand absolutely.

The Age of Individuation

With the high house price,how to fully make use of small space?Just keeping the same style for wardrobe,kitchen cabinets,living room furniture and bedroom furniture is not enough,which can not satisfy the requirements for individuation.Custom furniture can satisfy not only the individuation requirements from new consuming generation ,who were born in 1980s or 1990s,but also the meet the needs of multi-demands.So customization becomes the growth point of home furnishing industry.

The updating of consumers cognition:Space utilization

Consumers spent a lot of money in buying the house so they want to maximize the use of space:minimizing the cost and maximizing the usage.This is right decision no matter rich or poor.No doubt that the custom made furniconforms to this logic.Compared with finished furniture, customization furniture can make full use of the small house space.Many young men can not afford big size house and pay their attention to small size room.But the limited space of small size room become their headache.Therefore how to make full use of the space is the key point of home furnishing design.

The Social Acceleration

The society advanced at acceleration.Thus,the mode which can not improve the efficiency will gradually disappear.There are three kinds of efficiency improvements:1.Saving time2.Saving the financial cost3.Saving the energy cost.Customization of home furniture is a project that combination of saving time, saving money cost and saving energy cost.Although custom made furniture confirms to the three dimention of social development,but it can not guarantee that the custom made furniture is bound to prevail.However the industry that can not satisfy these three dimention will be deleted from the times.

The Confusion of Finished Furniture Factories Transformation 

The custom made furniture is a trap?The furniture customization is divided into three stages:Revision on Current furniture,Multi-option and super customization

Revision on the current furniture means factories can supply some choices so that customers can change the size,color and layout.It is the factories that assume that consumers have such demands and the consumers are passive.

Multi-demands means the enterprises have massive ability of resource allocation and integrate other resources in the industry chain.In terms of the choices available,the factories can solve not only the practical problems but also extend the customers’ cognitive space and supply better options.The consumers’ requirements direct the production and guide the resource party.

Super customization means the custom furnishing factory can supply best solution according to consumers’ data ,value,future career development,social trends and can revise the solution once necessary in the future.This is the future of customization.

According to the three stages,traditional finished furniture factories should check which stages they are and they are followers or leader.If the factories are in the first two stages, then the factories will fall into fierce competition.If the factories do not do strategic deployment,then the future is not certain.

Since the economy is developing with acceleration,the demand come before you prepared.All the finished furniture factories should have a long planning before they transform into custom made furniture factories.

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