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Foshan Sofitel Hotel Bedroom Furniture

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In 2011,Accor Hotel Group,the global leading Hotel Brand,united with Lurvre Home Furnishing Group to operate the first Sofitel hotel in Foshan city together.This is the first design hotel of Sofitel brand in China.After six years of continuous improvement,the Sofitel was open in July 1st of 2017.The hotel cost almost three hundred billion USD,which connects with the Foshan Lurvre Furniture Exhibition.It is the ‘Nation Home Furnishing Hotel' that designers can not miss.This hotel is highest hotel in Foshan city with a height of 236 meters and 62 floors.Inside it ,the interior design integrates Fench classical style and Guangdong style,designedy By Cheng Chung Design.The most attracting and grand place is the Napoleon banquet hall,which is inspired by the aesthetic style of the Louis Xiv period in France and the period of Napoleon III and revives the French classic building style in 17th Century.

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The luxury hotel features in its hotel bedroom furniture.There are four kinds of hotel furniture style ,modern style, post modern style, French style and new Chinese style and more than 30 different room types for customers to choose,size ranges from 48 square meters to 550 square meters,which overturns the traditional hotel standard and layout.This luxury hotel aims to the rich people who can afford expensive and good quality furniture.It taks 7 years from the construction to opening,almost 3 times more than common hotels.Rich families can on one hand live in the hotel to experience the furniture culture and on the other hand relax and enjoy the international delicious food.This hotel cooperate with hotel furniture factory and residential furniture manufacturers very closely.On one hand, hotel bought hotel room furniture from hotel furinture factories or home furniture producer at very cheap price on the other hand, hotel furniture manufacturers or residential furniture factoires took the hotel bedroom as their showroom.All the decorations such as lamp,painting,carpets and furniture in the hotel bedroom or in the public area such as the lobby area,the lounge area and the restaurant area,as long as the customers like it, customers and buy it and the hotel will in charge of all the purchasing process including logistics.That means, customers just spend holiday here and hotel will do everything for them.

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The passion to furniture and interior design from Foshan Sofitel Hotel is changing the layout of China hotel industry.Through the special hotel bedroom configuration,Foshan Sofitel is becoming the trend maker and therefore keep the lead in the competition.'This mode is the starting point for Louvre to lead the international lifestyle,especially is the new exploration to the integration of hotel industry,design industry and furniture industry',said the general manager of Louver Furnishing Group.'

as the first furniture experience hotel in China,we hope that Chinese people can understand what home means'

In the future,driven by business and commercial tourism and culture innovation,Lurvre will continuously improve the industry chain and integrate furniture design, production,sales and interior design,soft decoration ,which will bring more surprise to consumers.


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