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Top 10 Luxury Hotel Brands Worldwide

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1.Marriott International


Establishment Date1927

Brief About the Management Group

Marriott International is the world's leading international hotel management company and was in the list of global top 500. Marriott has more than 2800 business units in the United States and 69 other countries and regions. The headquarters of Marriott International is located in Washington, D.C., which employs about 128000 people.

Brands Under Marriott


The world's top luxury hotel brand. Ritz Carlton provides unique and elegant atmosphere and atmosphere for guests. However, it is the management philosophy behind it that makes it competitive in its hands. The management concept of Ritz Carlton has been fully reflected in the company's core values expressed in its "golden standard".
Marriott Hotels & Resorts
It is five star hotel, known as the flagship brand of the world's Marriott International, having a history of over 70 years, with more than 450 hotels throughout the world and supplies unforgettable experience for the travelers worldwide.The attentive service and complete facilities win every visitor's applause.
JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts
Five star hotel, the luxury brand under the banner of Marriott Stepping into JW Marriott Hotel, you can experience a more advanced sense of tourist accommodation. The superior section, the best food, the friendly service... Every guest is dazzled. The leisurely atmosphere of the hotel, quiet and simple, is permeated with luxurious and magnificent taste, so that you have a new definition of honorable enjoyment from now on.
Renaissance Hotels & Resorts
The unique style has an indescribable appeal. Just same as JW marriott Hotels&Resorts, it is always located in the center of the world's famous city, contiguous tourist attractions, plus a variety of food together, to bring you a lifetime of unforgettable travel experience.
Courtyard Marriott

There are six hotels worldwide.The first on in Asia-pacific area was opened in Shanghai in 2015.Artech Furniture supplied hotel furniture including the hotel bedroom furniture and hotel lobby furniture for Korea Courtyard Marriott

2.Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Headquarter:White Plains, New York

Establish Time1946

Entry China Time1987

Brief About the Group:
Before the renaming ,the name of starwood Hotels and Resorts was Starwood loding Trust/Starwood Loding Corp.Before renaming,, the Starwood Hotels and Resorts International Group had 100 hotels and 26483 rooms in 1996, with a annual income of $385 million 300 thousand. In 1998, Starwood completed three major events of renaming, merging ITT group and Westin Hotel, which has a considerable impact on its development process.
Brands Under Starwood

It is the symbol of the most high-end hotels in the world. It represents an absolutely private high standard of service.

The first St. Regis Hotel was set up by Colonel astto in New York in 1904, and Colonel astto used all European services to treat his friends and business partners. This service is unique in the industry, making St. Regis Hotel a classic in the global hotel industry. In March 1, 2000, the Beijing international Club Hotel, located in Beijing's jianguanguan Avenue, formally changed its English name to St.Regis Beijing (Reggie, Beijing, the original Chinese name), marking the hotel as its first hotel in the Asia Pacific region in accordance with the model and standard action of the St. Regis Hotel.
Westin hotel is mainly a five star or super five star hotel, and has always been the leader and innovator in the hotel industry. Wenstin hotel is located in the commercial district of central city, central district. Each Westin hotel has distinctive architectural style and interior furnishings
W Hotels

W hotels are generally more than five star hotels. Unlike Reggie, W hotels mainly focus on business decoration. The Starwood group redefines the experience of the business guests, and has a new design for the features of the business guests and the ways and content of service facilities and services. There are exquisite restaurants, lounges and cafes in the lobby of each W Hotel, and there are also Gymnasiums in the hotel. The W hotel is a new four star hotel brand created by Sheraton and the atlas hotel. It combines the facilities and services specially designed for business guests with the characteristics of the independent boutique hotel, positioning the market in the target market of an individual business traveler of 70% to 75% and a small business team of 15% to 20%.

Le Meridien

In August 25, 2005, the Starwood Hotel Group announced that it had signed a final agreement to return the Le Meridien brand and its entire management hotel and franchise hotel to more than 130 hotels and resorts. The Le Meridien Munich Hotel was born in 1972. It was founded by Air France. The headquarters of the hotel group is located in London and has more than 130 luxury hotels in 56 countries all over Europe, the Americas, the Asia Pacific region, Africa and the Middle East. In 2004, Amy entered Shanghai and opened in November 2005 and 2006 respectively in the people's Square and 2 hotels in Sheshan. In the luxury brand list of 2005, Amy International Hotel Group has been rated as one of the 15 luxury hotel brands in the world.
Four Points
As a brand of Sheraton's brand, the fupeng hotel offers a full range of mid-range hotels, which are located in business travelers and leisure travelers. This chain brand has a unique business philosophy. It provides a full range of mid-range hotels. It is very special in the era of limited service nowadays. The fupeng hotel is mainly located in the business center, small and medium-sized cities and resorts of the airport and metropolis.
A Loft Hotel

The a loft hotel is a Fast hotel brand under the W hotel. Now it has landed in China. The A Loft Hotel is targeting young customers, among whom the low end target group has improved the product line for Starwood.

3.InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (IHG)
Establish Date:1777
Brief About the Management Team:
InterContinental Hotel group is the largest and most widely distributed professional hotel management group in the world. It has many famous international hotel brands, such as intercontinental, crown holiday, and Holiday Inn, and more than 60 years of international hotel management experience. At the same time, InterContinental Hotel group is also the largest guest room in the world (up to 650000), the largest multinational operation, the distribution of nearly 100 countries, and the largest group of hotels in China to take over the hotels. It includes 25 provinces, regions and cities on the mainland of China.
Brand Under InterContinental:
InterContinental Hotels & Resorts

In March 1998, the bass group bought intercontinental hotels and holiday hotels with $2 billion 900 million from Japan's Saison group. The deal added 187 to the number of hotels in the bass group.

In terms of the unique needs of international business travelers and leisure travelers, intercontinental hotels have established a reputation for ingeniously integrating global service standards with local traditions. Over the years, the Inter Continental Hotel has been well known and has always been a favorite hotel in the world. In addition, the unique cultural characteristics of the Intercontinental Hotel and its position in the top hotel market make the hotel brand of the group increasingly diversified.
Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts

The predecessor of the crown holiday brand is the hotel brand derived from the holiday hotel in 1983. In 1994, it developed into an independent hotel brand to highlight the market image of high taste and high consumption and the characteristics of business travelers.

Crown hotels and resorts offer high-end hotel accommodation at reasonable prices. It is designed to meet the needs of today's smart passengers, and to provide better quality services and facilities to cater for those who seek value for money. At present, more than 140 crown hotels are distributed in more than 40 countries. Each crown hotel provides advanced conference facilities, full-time professional staff responsible for the meeting and perfect business services. At the same time, the hotel is equipped with well-equipped bodybuilding centers, catering facilities and diversified leisure activities.
This brand was founded in 2004 to provide guests with high-end The Inn Boutique accommodation experience.
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn provides reliable and friendly services and modern facilities for today's business and leisure travelers at a super value price. The holiday inn can be seen in small towns, on the quiet road and near the airport in Jae Hee, because the holiday hotels that provide full service are located in the area where the traffic is convenient. At present, the holiday hotel has opened more than 1600 hotels around the world, which not only maintains the largest single hotel brand in the world, but also one of the most widely known hotel brands in the world.
HolidayInn Express

The six continents hotel group, the predecessor of the Intercontinental Hotel Group, launched the Holiday Inn in 1991, which has become one of the most successful events in the history of hotel industry. By creating this brand, the group quickly divided a kind of mid-range hotel market, which only provided limited hotel services without catering facilities. In less than ten years, the number of hotels in the world has increased to more than 1000.

4.Shangri-La Hotels Group
HeadquarterChina Hongkong
Establshment Date1971
Brief About the Group

The name of Shangri-La represents the enjoyment of tranquility and comfort, and also represents the world-famous Shangri-La quality service. Shangri-La Hotel, based in Hongkong, is a pioneer luxury hotel group in the Asia Pacific region. It is also recognized as one of the global holding and management companies in the global The Best Hotel.

Development: today, the Shangri-La group has 72 hotels and resort hotels, operating in the Asia Pacific region, North America and the Middle East, a total of 30000 rooms. In addition, many hotels are being built in Canada, mainland China, India, Philippines, Qatar, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

5.Kempinski Hotel
Establishment Date1897
Brief About the Management Group
The Kempinski Hotel is the oldest luxury hotel in the world, originally founded in 1897. The hotel group is founded in Germany, and its hotels are located in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia. There are more than 45 private hotels and hotels in Beijing, Berlin, Budapest, Istanbul, Dresden and Sankt Moritz.
Hotels Under Sankt Moritz
Grand Arena Bansko(Bulgaria)
Giardino di Costanza Sicily(Italy
San Lawrenz Gozo(Malta
Bahía Estepona Costa del Sol (Spain
Bahía Real Fuerteventura (Spain
des Bains St Moritz (Swiss
Le Mirador Kempinski Lake Geneva(Swiss
The Dome Belek (Turkey
Barbaros Bay Bodrum (Turkey
Patagonia Park Plaza El Calafate(Argentina
Colony Park Plaza Colonia del Sacramento(Uruguay)
Julai'a Kuwait (Kuwait

Ajman United Arab Emirates(UAE

6.Hilton Hotels Corporation
Establishment Date1919
Brief About the Management Group:

Hilton international hotel group is a branch of the UK based Hilton group, with the right to use the Hilton trademark outside North America and manages 405 hotels, including 263 Hilton Hotel and 142 Scandinavian hotels, with more than 70 thousand employees and more than 10 different layers in 78 countries around the world.

Artech Furniture made Yunnan Hilton Hotel Furniture Case and Hilton Nanhai Wings,Shenzhen.

Brands Under Hilton
Conrad Hotels
As the highest level luxury hotel under the Hilton Hotel group, Conrad Hotel is not only the largest of the Hilton group, but also the most important pronoun in the world. Named by the name of Hilton founder Conrad Hilton (CONRAD HILTON), it is another big brand name for Hilton to shock the world, with only 20 in the world at the moment. The core of Kang Hotel Riedel aims at providing unique experience to high quality people, creating the preferred Luxury Hotel of high quality, creating the ultimate personality.
Waldorf Astoria Hotels

New York Waldorf Hotel is located at 49-50 Street (Park Avenue) in Manhattan, New York. It is one of the most luxurious and famous five star hotels in the world and has 42 floors.

Waldorf, Shanghai, is currently the only Waldorf brand hotel in China and Asia.

7.Hyatt Hotels and Resorts
Establishment Date1968
Brief About the Management Group:
Hyatt Regency group is a world-renowned multinational hotel group which manages hundreds of hotels in various countries around the world. At present, there are 213 Hyatt and 3 resort hotels in 43 countries around the world. More than 90 thousand rooms are provided, and another 29 Hyatt Hotels are being built, of which 10 are in China. The group is headquartered in Chicago, USA. Its Grand Hyatt and Park Hyatt are all five star hotels and are famous for their luxury
Brand Under Hyatt:
Park Hyatt
A world-class luxury boutique hotels designed for travellers pursuing private, personalized and high quality services, each hotel has a first-class location. At present, there are 26 in the world, and three are under construction, including the Park Hyatt Hotel Beijing and Macao Park Hyatt Hotel.Artech Furniture made hotel bedroom furniture for Park Hyatt Hangzhou.
Grand Hyatt
Luxury hotel brand for business and leisure travelers and large scale conference activities famous for its large scale and advanced facilities. High level personalized service, comfort and customer satisfaction are the purposes.
Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency group's top flagship brand, the largest number of the company's smaller luxury hotel, is for the pursuit of personalized service and European elegant style of the bulk of the hotel.

8. Accor Group
Establishment Date:1967
Brief About the Accor Group:

Headquartered in Paris, Accor was founded in 1967 and is the largest hotel group in Europe. By the end of 2004, the French Accor group has 158 thousand employees, the hotel business involves 140 countries, is the European hotel and catering industry leading enterprises, is also one of the world's largest hotels and service groups. It has about 4000 hotels worldwide. From economic to luxury hotels, it provides a full range of different grades of hotel services to meet the needs of customers at different levels of demand.

The French Accor hotel group has 4000 hotels and 170 thousand employees worldwide, and has about 500000 rooms in 90 countries across five continents. Accor is the European First Hotel group. 34% of its turnover comes from France, and 34% of its turnover comes from other European countries.

Accor's hotel is from economy to luxury, providing considerate service according to the needs of every guest. The spirit of Accor is a comprehensive art which combines historical tradition and modern innovation, adds tolerance, discipline, imagination and enthusiasm, and thus promotes our work to a high level. In the Accor China Hotel, we experience the spirit of Accor and the sparkle of joy from France.e management Group.
Brands Under Accor:
A representative of the French "art of life". Globally, Sofitel Hotel has again given a new definition of luxury hotel accommodation catering to the unique privileges of its unique requirements. Experience the charm of French style, ability, refinement and elegance in the world's best luxury hotels. Whether you plan to travel to Paris, New York, London or Bangkok, we can enjoy a four star or five star hotel reservation to enjoy the indoor environment, food restaurants, spa and golf facilities.

Easy stay and enjoy the advantage. Pullman Hotel, a luxury hotel chain that serves international and domestic business travelers and conferences. A friendly and friendly hotel located in the center of the city. Your expectations are not limited by national boundaries or time zones. Therefore, Pullman re promotes the service art of making guests feel at home.

Please try to imagine a brand new high-end service style. It reinterprets the true meaning of warm hospitality. And it rediscovers the fun of traveling and making new friends.

The group is specially built for China. Mercure, has a pair of keen eyes and a heart that is willing to experience. We capture all your fresh and unknown longing for your expectation of a unique hotel, the perfect fusion of French romantic feelings and Chinese regional culture, complement each other to create a new accommodation experience for you. I hope you will find more pleasures, surprises and inspirations in the enjoyment brought by the integration of China and France.

Promise you an unparalleled experience. Whether you are on business or leisure travel, the beautiful house offers you an unforgettable hotel experience, all of which benefit from its unique brand features: more than 700 hotels around the world, strict quality monitoring, the Exclusive Hotel style with local characteristics and the most enthusiastic management team. Whether it is in the city center, the seaside or the mountain, every Mercure Hotel is rooted in the local customs, so that the guests can enjoy the pleasure of our unique products and services.

There's always a reason why you like it. All over the world, more than 900 hotels offer high quality accommodation and services at competitive prices. In all forty countries and regions, more than 900 chain hotels, Ibis provide high standard high quality accommodation and services at competitive prices. The well designed fully decorated bedroom suite, 7 day 24 hour all-weather main hotel services and on-site diet options. Since 1997, the quality of Ibis Hotel has been certified by ISO9001 international standard quality system. At the same time, Ibis is committed to environmental protection. It is the first chain hotel approved by the ISO14001 international environmental management system. There are nearly 1/3 of the hotels in the brand name.

9.Fairmont Raffles Hotels International
Establishment Date:1907
Brief About Fairmont Raffles:
Fairmont Hotel has more than 60 deluxe hotels, and a series of hotels under Fairmont Hotels & Resorts , Fairmont San Francisco in San Francisco and Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai are all coveted places. This international hotel brand has been famous for its intimate service and rich cultural features. Every unparalleled classical hotel is full of traditional and elegant flavor, and it has an inexplicable importance to the local society. Fairmont is also responsible for the responsible tourism industry, and the award - winning Green Partner Program (Green Partnership program) is an important symbol of the sustainable hotel management of its leading industry. The Fairmont brand is owned by the famous Fairmont International Hotel Group in the The Globe Hotel industry, which operates 95 Fairmont, Raffles and Swiss brands worldwide. Group business also involves Fairmont and Raffles brand hotel style service residential, real estate and private luxury club property.
Brands Under Fairmont:

The 1885 the Fairmont Hamilton Princess was opened in Bermuda and was the oldest hotel in the Fairmont group.

In 1888, The FairmontBanff Springs, which opened in June 1st, was full of medieval charm, and received countless celebrities. It was the brightest star under the flag of the Fairmont Hotel.

In 1890, another dreamlike hotel,The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise opened, not only surrounded by snow covered Rocky Mountains, but also adjacent to the picturesque Louise lake.

In 1893, Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac was opened ,which is not only a landmark in the ancient city of Quebec, but also the highest rated hotel in the world.

In 1907, with the grand opening of the The Fairmont San Francisco, a landmark in San Francisco, the first hotel with the name of the Fairmont brand was officially born.

In 1999, the Fairmont Hotel group merged with the Canadian Pacific hotel group and grew from a smaller hotel group to the leading global luxury hotel group and owned more than 56 places around the world.

The Plaza, which was managed by Fairmont in 2009, spent 40 million US dollars to renovate and reopen business in New York.

In 2010, the Landmark hoteo,Fairmont Peace Hotel and the The Savoy in London were rebuilt by massive refurbishment.

At present, Fairmont Hotel group has four hotels in Asia, of which three are in China: Shanghai Fairmont Peace hotel, Beijing Fairmont Hotel,Kunshan Yangchenghu Fairmont hotel, and Singapore Fairmont Hotel.

10.Four Season International


Establishment Date:1961

Brief About this group:

Four Seasons Hotels is an international El Luxor Hotel management group, based in Toronto, Canada, founded by Isadore Sharp in 1961 and now has more than 90 hotels and resort hotels in nearly 40 countries, and more than 60 hotel development plans are in the process of brewing. Four Seasons Hotels is rated by Travel + Leisure magazine and Zagat guide as one of the world The Best Hotel group. In addition to the founder of SHARP, Bill Gate (Bill Gates) and Prince Alwaleed Ben Talal (Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal) are also the major shareholders of the Four Seasons Hotels group

Artech Furniture made hotel bedroom furniture For Four Season Seoul

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